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The ultimate, comprehensive toolkit for parents or grandparents who want to transform their relationships with the power of God’s grace. An unbelievable value!

This collection contains:

Grace Based Parenting
Love your children the same irresistible way God loves us - with grace.

Why Christian Kids Rebel
The answers you've been searching for to keep your kids from walking away from God as they get older and hope for parents whose kids already have.

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
If you want to raise a kid who can stand strong in a hostile world, you have to build them from the inside out.

Grace Based Discipline
With humor and down-to-earth practicality, Karis shares stories of trial and triumph straight from the trenches of parenting. From the first page, Karis gives desperate parents a reliable recipe for peace, boundaries, and effective discipline.


Basic Training For A Few Good Men
Like it or not, there's a spiritual war going on. You'll either stand tall and hold your post, or you'll go down. There's no middle ground. Basic Training For a Few Good Men will build you up in order to set you free to "be all that you can be," a man of convictions, commitments, compassion, and courage.

Little House on the Freeway
This timeless classic shows how to keep our most important relationships from falling victim to the relentless pace of life

Raising Kids For True Greatness
Instill a higher calling, a bigger-than-life reason for existing and you'll do something for your kids that outlasts your own life—you'll raise them for true greatness.


Grace Filled Marriage
You start your love story with dreams and end it with memories. But if you invite Jesus along for the ride and let his grace weave its way through all those memories, you’ll get to finish your story well. God’s grace will prove to be sufficient all the way to the end.

The High Cost Of High Control
In this compelling book, you’ll learn how to break free from the pain caused by controlling personalities-your own and others'-and develop or restore secure, lasting relationships.

Extreme Grandparenting
The honesty, humor, fun stories, and practical experience offered by Tim and Darcy Kimmel will motivate and guide you to develop richer relationships with your children and their children.

Connecting Church & Home
We’re faced with a culture of busy churches and overwhelmed families that need a clear plan to pass a spiritual legacy to the hearts of their kids. Tim Kimmel clearly illustrates how churches and parents can work in a grace-based partnership to make faith stick.