Potty Training Skills

Family Matters

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When your child is ready for toilet training, will you be ready to teach them?
Will you know what to do if you run into a problem?
Did you know you can spend hours learning about one method of training only to find it does not work for your child? We tell you why.

This book will save you time and frustration. Our short Parent's Guide will introduce you to several different methods of teaching toilet skills. Such as:

  • Infant Potty Training

  • Crash Course Training

  • Rewards and Consequences

  • Part-Time Toilet Training

  • Tag Team Toilet Training

  • Training vs. Learning

Learn when to start training and how to motivate your child.

Learn why some children regress and how to avoid problems.

Find dozens of tips, ideas, songs, projects, charts and activities all designed to save you time. Learn how to choose the right approach so your child will get started and keep on going!