Grace Based Parenting Video Series Part 3 - Aiming Your Child at True Greatness

Family Matters


This eye-opening study exposes our culture’s definition of success (wealth, beauty, power, and fame) as a goal unworthy of our pursuit. Indeed, it describes the spiritual adventures we can live when we aim our children at a higher goal-True Greatness. The DVD and discussion guide present four characteristics of truly great people along with many other helpful insights designed to equip your children to answer life’s tree biggest questions. 

DVD Study Includes:

  • 7 sessions on two DVD’s (20 minutes each)
  • A Participant Workbook (Click here for additional workbooks)
  • A Facilitator's Guide
  • 1 copy of the book, Raising Kids for True Greatness

Streaming Study Includes: 

  • Unlimited access
  • Seven - 15-20 minute sessions streaming on your internet connected computer or mobile device 
  • 1 Leader's Guide (PDF version)
  • 1 study invitation flier (PDF)
  • Click here to order extra workbooks

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