Grace Based Parenting Conference Video

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The Grace Based Parenting Video is a video recording of the live conference on 3 DVDs or streaming on your internet connected computer or mobile device (1 year access). For those who want to make grace the calling card of their family, this is a must have! Order the Grace based Parenting Conference Video if you could not make it to the conference or you need a refresher. It is also a great way to share the conference with your small group, neighbors or relatives.

Session One: A Grace-Based Plan for Raising Truly Great Kids
Session Two: Maintaining an Atmosphere of Grace
Session Three: Focusing on My Child's True Inner Needs
Session Four: Building Character into My Child's Heart
Session Five: Aiming My Child at True Greatness
Session Six: Every Day Grace
Session Seven: Grace and Strong-willed Children


The workbook plays a critical role in this study! Follow along with Dr. Kimmel’s teaching as well as references to charts, lists and resources relating to each topic. This is the key to a dynamic learning experience.

NOTE: Order workbooks that accompany the Grace Based Parenting Conference here.

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