Grace Based Parenting Conference CD Audio Set

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The Grace Based Parenting Audio set is the actual live conference material on 7 discs. For those who want to make grace the calling card of their family, this is a must have!

Session One: A Grace-Based Plan for Raising Truly Great Kids

Session Two: Creating an Atmosphere of Grace: The 3 Inner Needs

Session Three: Creating an Atmosphere of Grace: The 4 Freedoms

Session Four: Building Character into My Child’s Heart

Session Five: Every Day Grace: Discipline, Correction and Strong-Willed Children

Session Six: Grace and Rebellious Kids

Session Seven: Aiming My Child at a Life of True Greatness

This 7 disc set is great for you to use if you could not make it to the conference or you need a refresher. It is also a great way to share the conference with your small group, neighborhood or relatives.

This is great to listen to on your way to work or even while you are getting ready.