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Tim and Darcy were interviewed over three days by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine for Family Life Today on the topic of Grace Filled Marriage.

Day 1: Love by God to Love Your Spouse
Do you show your spouse grace? Grace, according to authors Tim and Darcy Kimmel, is giving someone what they desperately need, but don’t especially deserve. Tim and Darcy know what it means to give and receive grace, and share some grace moments from their own marriage.

Day 2: Our Mate’s Three Driving Needs
Are you loving your mate as God loves you? FamilyLife speakers Tim and Darcy Kimmel define love as “the commitment of my will to your needs and best interest, regardless of the cost,” and talk about the three driving inner needs we hope to satisfy in marriage: security, significance, and strength.

Day 3: Grace in the Bedroom
Is there room for grace in the bedroom? You bet! Tim and Darcy Kimmel, marriage and family therapists for 31 years, explain that in a grace-filled marriage you have to put the other person’s interests first and be available. This doesn’t mean you can demand sex, which isn’t gracious, but rather doing whatever you can to meet your spouse’s need when possible.

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