Adult Flag Page

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The Flag Page is your chance to see how you succeed in life, what motivates you most and how you’re different from the people close to you.

It’s simple to do (5 minutes), easy to understand and best of all, it gives you a vision for your future…where you will succeed and why. In a world that seems to always be looking for what’s wrong with you, isn’t it time to find out what’s right about you?

What is a Flag Page?

The things that make you happy in life are the same things that motivate you. When others don’t understand what you’re passionate about, this can lead to discouragement for them and for you. The Flag Page was developed to help you and others understand what you are truly passionate about so you are free to pursue the things that make you happy.

The process is easy. To start- just purchase your Flag Page code. You will receive an email from Family Matters that will include your personal Flag Page code and a link to begin your flag.

1. The first step is to select from a list of traits the ones you believe describe you.
2. Secondly, you rate how each of the traits make you feel.
3. Choose the word that makes you feel the best, second best, and so on.

That’s it. You’re done. The test is easy but the results are remarkable. You will quickly receive an online array of information about you and what you are passionate about in life.

Then you’ll have the ability to share your results with family and friends.

We will help you along the way to understand what each page means.

So, if you’re ready, just order now and you’ll receive an e-mail with all of the instructions needed to get started.

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