Excerpts from the Diary of a Dad - CD

Family Matters



As a stand up comedian, Ken's voracious appetite for writing clever and often profound comedy has transformed him into a top rate entertainer. His ever evolving performances quickly win over audiences and fans who return time and again to catch his latest installments. His above the board approach to tackling all topics has made him a standout for comedy fans of all ages.

Over the years Ken has focused much of his comedy efforts around his family life experiences. His one man show entitled 'Unplanned Parenthood' is a hilarious introspect into the modern day challenges of parenting as he relives his experiences thus far as a husband and father raising three boys. "When you're a dad you don't get to relax on the weekends anymore...noooooo...we relax at work! For dads, Monday is the new Friday...it can't get here quick enough!"

Join Ken as he shares some of those recollections over coffee at a cafe filled with parents in Excerpts from the Diary of a Dad. If you've had kids, have kids or are thinking of having kids you will love this performance!

Ken Kaz has a hilarious look at the ins and outs, ups and downs of family life. And even though there is a reason some species eat their young, Ken Kaz will remind us why the wear and tear we put on our bodies and bank accounts is worth it all. You'll love the bottom line grace he brings to his laugh-out-loud look at marriage and parenting.
Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters

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