A Bundle of Greatness

Family Matters


“Aim at Heaven, and get Earth ‘thrown in.’ Aim at Earth and you will get neither.”- CS Lewis

True Greatness, a passionate love for God that shows itself in a love and concern for others, more than just earthly success, is our goal for ourselves as Christians and for our kids’ futures. This bundle contains two great books to help you develop a concrete plan to raise courageous, truly great kids.

Raising Kids For True Greatness
Wouldn’t it be great to have kids who are humble, grateful, generous and have a servant’s heart? Dr. Tim Kimmel shows you how to make greatness the DNA of your own life so you can intentionally pass it on to your kids.

Home Grown Heroes
Courage is what will motivate our children to do what they ought to do in any given situation. This powerful book turns good intentions into an action plan that works to give your children their best shot at a life of meaning and purpose.