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Grace Based Parenting
Love your children the same irresistible way God loves us - with grace.

Grace-Based Parenting will help you:

  • Know the best way you can meet your kids' most basic needs-the way God meets all of ours
  • Maintain an atmosphere of grace in your home by giving everyone four freedomes that will enrich and strengthen relationships
  • Find the balance point in a world of extremes
  • Keep from investing your energies in a long list of things that don't matter 
  • Make parenting more fun 
  • Liberate your children emotionally and spiritually 
  • Prepare your whole family for a lifetime of healthy choices and relationships-with God and with each other 

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
There are no shortcuts to successful parenting . . . no secret formulas to raising kids of strength and character. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your children for the challenges ahead. But you'll need an effective game plan.

If you want to raise a kid who can stand strong in a hostile world, you have to build them from the inside out.

Raising Kids For True Greatness
You want only the best for your kids. And you want them to be successful. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if there was something more? Could your definition of success be leaving out the most important part? Kimmel turns the definition of success on its head and guides you in preparing your child for a life that will easily eclipse the goals of those who are merely successful. Instill a higher calling, a bigger-than-life reason for existing and you’ll do something for your kids that outlasts your own life—you’ll raise them for true greatness.

Living Like Your Were Dying
If you’ve heard Tim McGraw’s song “Livin Like You’re Dyin” you may have wondered what you would do if you suddenly learned that you were running out of time.

Grace Based Parenting