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Grace Based Parenting

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Too much of today's Christian parenting is based on fear: fear of the world . . . fear of America's liberal culture . . . fear of other parents' and the church''s opinions. Best-selling author Dr. Tim Kimmel says fear, "is anexcellent way to wreck your kids."

Grace-based parenting, on the other hand, relies on God's love, replicates His forgiveness and commitment to His children, and displaces fear as a for every behavior.

Grace-Based Parenting will help you:

  • Find the balance point in a world of extremes
  • Keep from investing your energies in a long list of things that don't matter
  • Make parenting more fun
  • Liberate your children emotionally and spiritually
  • Prepare your whole family for a lifetime of healthy choices and relationships-with God and with each other
  • Know the best way you can meet your kids' most basic needs-the way God meets all of ours

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Here is what other authorities are saying about Grace-Based Parenting:

"Few writers are as well equipped as Tim Kimmel to teach parents how to fan flames of youthful self-determination and at the same time avoid self-destruction. His longtime parental and pastoral experience thrusts his readers into the hottest contemporary issues and offers a cool anxiety-damper. Grace Based Parenting tames the family inferno with biblical know-how--a spiritual fire extinguisher for young Christian families."
- Dr. Howard G. Hendricks
Bestselling author, speaker, & professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

"Aren't you glad you worship a God of grace? Tim Kimmel has done a great job of reminding us as parents that we are the model of God in our home and we need to be good grace--based parents."
- Dr. Kevin Leman,
Author of Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

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