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Basic Training For a Few Good Men

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It's easy to be a man, but it's hard to be a good one. The excuses of  the weak and the wimpy are endless...Life isn't fair. The playing field isn't level. The rat race of the marketplace gets old - fast! Most of the hopes that boys bring to manhood are dashed before they reach middle age. Marriage turns out to be tougher than it looked from the other side of the altar. And raising calm, confident kids seems like a pipe dream from the past.

In "Basic Training For a Few Good Men", Dr. Kimmel teaches life-changing principles through real-life stories with a wit and a punch that make you eager to see what's on the next page. He shows you how to be the kind of man who:

  • flourishes at his work,
  • draws the best out of his wife,
  • makes it easy for his kids to look up to him, and
  • finds it a joy to serve in God's army.

Like it or not, there's a spiritual war going on. You'll either stand tall and hold your post, or you'll go down. There's no middle ground. "Basic Training For a Few Good Men" will build you up in order to set you free to "be all that you can be," a man of convictions, commitments, compassion, and courage. 

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